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Genre: Simulation game
Game type: Solo & Multiplayer
Details: Veterinary simulation

Game Overview

MondoVeto is a FREE veterinary simulation browser game. Each player starts the game with a solo practice, but with increasing knowledge and reputation an option to build or join a clinic is available. Over 300 of the most amazing animals on Earth appear in the game with different conditions and symptoms, looking for the best possible treatment.

All this is spiced up with levels and various options to compete against the other players.


The main objective in MondoVeto is to treat animals and become the best veterinarian in the world. There are several characteristics, which the player should improve in order to achieve this – reputation, score, prestige, knowledge and specialties. Some of them are improved while progressing in the game, but the bigger part should be unlocked and learned at the game university.

While advancing in the game, the player understands that the help of some friends is needed in order to handle the worst cases. That is why we've created the clinic, which allows three veterinarians to work together and offer the best service. No matter if the player prefers the solo or the group game, there are many missions, challenges and contests that allow competition against the rest of the veterinarians in the game.

Treating the Animals

The healing of animals in MondoVeto is performed at three stages – diagnostics, operation and treatment. The player should have the appropriate knowledge and specialties in order to pass each of them and complete the healing process. All this knowledge can be obtained on stages in the university, depending on the player's progress in the game.

Every action, which the player performs in the healing process costs an action point. These points are recovered overnight. Additional action points can be obtained, if the player hires assistants.

Quick Facts

  • Over 300 magnificent animals.
  • Numerous levels.
  • Exceptional game experience.
  • Dynamic and interesting healing process.
  • Opportunity for a group game with up to 2 friends.
  • 'Action points' concept in the gameplay.
  • Many missions, challenges and contests.

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